narry — love runs out (wwat: europe) [sa] [ire/uk

baby, you and I, we were born to shine - Chimney cleaner AU.


Pairing: Narry.

Words: 30,005

Warnings: Handjobs, Fluff and smut.

Summary: Niall’s voice is quiet and soft when he lets out a “thank you” and stands on his tiptoes to reach Harry’s cheek and kiss it gently. He smiles shyly at him, and takes a step back. Looking back at the window trying to hide his blushing cheeks, and says, “The sandwiches must be waiting for us. Let’s go Haz, I’m starving.” And it’s loud and bright again, it makes Harry smile, because there’s something about Niall that makes it so easy, to give the other a nickname so carelessly, but making it sound so personal, to share a small kiss on the cheek and then burst out shouting how funky the noises his belly is making are.

Niall makes it easy, simple, and Harry’s thankful his dad decided it was time to clean the chimney. 

Or, Niall is a chimney cleaner and Harry finds it hard to not fall for him.

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Anonymous said:
What are your TOP 5 Narry moments from each tour? And your favorite fanfics? I'm new in the Narry world and I'd like to catch up on everything :D


at first i didn’t really feel like doing it because there’s so many things i love and it would take me YEARS to list them all but since i’m not doing anything and i have all the time in the world… sure, let’s do it.

(it’s gonna be my top tour moments, fics, pics, events, interviews and other narry stuff)

my top pre x-factor, x-factor and post x-factor narry moments:

  1. harry in mullingar | 1 | 2 | 3 | the lost twitcam | 5 [??] | | PICSPAM
  2. the x-factor hug | gif | 2
  3. jack and rose from titanic | gif | 2
  4. the x-factor tour - the handholding in glasgow | gif
  5. image | gif | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
  6. image | gif | 2 | 3
  7. shopping in manchester | 1
  8. niall’s birthday | 1 | 2 | | 4
  9. i <3 harry’s willy
  10. the koala bear hug

big time rush tour moments


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50 days of Niall and Harry [4/50]

50 days of Niall and Harry [4/50]